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Kurt Meyer Fine Woodworking

Artist Statement

KurtMy foundations as a woodworker came through gift-giving; a gift made with the hands carries so much of the heart with it. The emphasis on handwork has persisted in my development as a woodworker. The level of precision I demand in my work is achieved through caringly-maintained hand tools.

KurtMy approach to aesthetics is based on spare adornment and gentle tastes, classic rather than rustic, refined but not "machined". I have a fondness for the miniature but have explored aspects of joinery ranging in scale up to timber-frame (post and beam) construction.

I strive for designs and methods that improve the product as it ages. My finishes, for example, acquire a patina through use, rather than starting out with a patina faked through staining or antiquing. This approach, I believe, was at one time fundamental. In a modern age when the emphasis in most products is on good looks that last only a few years until the product needs replacement—a time of instant gratification in a throw-away society—I try in all aspects of my work and personal life to espouse and promote enduring durability and beauty.

My work has been displayed in fine galleries across the nation.